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People passionate about what the web can do

If you need someone for your organisation who can advise and provide hosting and hardware infrastructure, internet connectivity, database construction and CRM, content creation & management, web application design & delivery, volume storage, enterprise scaleability, disaster recovery, virtualisation, e-mail or even just have a web site built, we can help.

Since 1995, we've been working with organisations large and small, from long established corporates to pre-funding start-ups, with one simple aim: to enable them to do what they want to online quickly, easily and cost effectively.

We provide the expertise required to specify and deploy the infrastructure that will power their online ambitions, whatever they may be. Our dedicated and experienced team can become a virtual IT resource for as long or a briefly as required.

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Rationalising what you want to do into a way of doing it
Building sites that just work for their users.
From one server to a cluster, cloud, leased lines, you name it.


Award-winning start-up Garlik asked us to provide an end-to-end hosting, architecture and build solution for their online identity service...[more]