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Case studies of current customers
“We use Houxou because we can always rely on them being there when we have a problem. They are very strong technically and very friendly people to work with.”
Peter Kent, Checkmyfile Joint MD
The Credit Reporting agency was set up in 2000. They were the first company in the UK to give consumers online access to credit reports, personal credit scores and credit ratings.
From a standing start back in 1998, Egg has grown into the world's largest pure online bank. Their success has come about through helping customers to understand and manage their money more effectively.
Garlik's DataPatrol helps people take control of their personal information and protect themselves against identity theft and financial fraud...
The Institute for Fiscal Studies advises government, industry and academia on fiscal policy matters.
Metafour develop Travel software and web applications for the courier business.
Qdos is a new way to manage your digital status and manage how you look online.
MotorbikesToday logo The owners of Motorbikes Today wanted to set up on on-line Magazine for the motor-biking communities.
FLYER's niche readership includes aviation enthusiasts, flight crews, and the industries that serve them. Flyer has a very busy on-line forum membership and unique visits.
Big Green Door is a strategic and creative consultancy at the cutting edge of consumer insight. We help marketeers, brands, agency partners and problem owners get to actionable solutions...with clarity, true insight and an unrivalled depth of understanding.
Pynk and Fluffy are our web design partners. Skilled, great to work with they always come up with the vision required.
“From the user's point of view internet and email provision is a faceless service - until it doesn't work. With Houxou you get rapid personal response which is both rare and valuable.”
FD Big Green Door